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Electric windshield for GL1800 and F6B

The ErgoMot X Screen,
a Revolution, a Revelation ...

Looks like stock, adjustable while driving, stroke 4 inch (10 cm).

Adjust your windshield as you need :

  • UP at high speed, to protect your head from wind and turbulence
  • DOWN at low speed, in tunnel, in rain, to give you clear view over the road
  • find the IDEAL POSITION for your passenger and store that position in memory

4 sizes available !

ErgoMot X Screen for Honda F6B

Visit our webshop :

1 year international warranty (*)

e-mail support !

thanks "Herkules", for showing your bike on the video :-)

What you get with this X-Screen :

- Comfort : find that 'no turbulence point' for both rider and passenger !

- Safety : unbreakable windscreen !

- Economy : thanks to unbreakable and scratch resistant material, this will be the last windscreen you ever buy for your Wing !

Fit any GL1800 screen to our hardware with our X-Kit !

If you want to have your OEM Honda Windscreen "electrically adjustable", or your National Cycle, or Kuryakyn, or Cee Bailey's, or ... almost any screen will fit now. Use our templates, cut and drill a little and save!

Watch the video here.

But, do remember, we DO sell pre cut, pre drilled windscreens, perfect laser cut, optical clear ... it's YOUR choice ...


The ErgoMot X Screens :

BUILT-IN Electronically adjustable windscreen for Goldwing GL1800

Watch the video below. Watch others ( for "Standard" version ) on our "Video YouTube" page.




the X-SET : all hardware delivered WITH a new, pre cut, pre drilled, optical clear, strong, scratch resistant X-Screen windscreen.

the X-Kit : same hardware delivered WITHOUT screen, but with self adhesive templates, so you can drill and cut your existing screen, OEM, Kuryakyn, Show Chrome, Cee Baileys, National Cycle, whatever (not for F6B screens). It will save you on purchase, it will save you on shipping cost. But YOU have to do the work.

Have fun on this website and please, do not hesitate to drop me a message whenever you have unanswered questions?

Tom Smeyers
ErgoMot Belgium.


Internationally protected by first Patent application nrs BE 2012/0527 & BE 2012/0532.

traffic analytics(*) The electric motors should be replaced every 10.000 kilometers or at least once a year. At each regular maintenance of the bike, the guiding rails have to be cleaned and adjusted. Damage following the fact of pour maintenance or non replacement of both electric motors will be excluded from all warranty.